Tuesday, 8 November 2011

still on sign language...

An interesting article titled 'How do you communicate?' appeared on the Jersey News:

Islanders in Jersey are being asked to think about how they communicate.

A new training programme has been launched in the island to help make communication with deaf and hard of hearing people easier.

The programme known as the Standard was developed directly from deaf people expressing the kind of difficulties they face when communicating with people , whether in a social or work situation. The Standard is aimed at businesses and associations whose staff have everyday contact with deaf or hard of hearing people.

Laura Goldstein, Chairperson of the Deaf Partnership Board in Jersey, said: "The Standard is all about making an organisation's services fully accessible to deaf or hard of hearing people in a way they might not normally be. The people who deliver the training are all qualified Adult Education tutors. They are also all deaf or hard of hearing, so have a deep level of understanding and experience to bring to the course."

"When an organisation undertakes to train employees in The Standard, they may receive a bronze, silver or gold recognition award depending on how many staff complete the course, explained Laura. This award makes the company visibly deaf aware and will give confidence to any deaf or hard of hearing customer that their communication needs will be supported."

So far, organisations including the Town Hall, Careers Jersey, Workwise and the Jersey Employment Trust have expressed an interest in sending front-line staff on the course.

As part of Deaf Awareness Week (from 2nd to 8th May) islanders who are deaf or hard of hearing are being invited to open days at the Hearing Resource Centre at Overdale they can find out more about aids to help them live their lives more

There you go! Active collaboration between the government and its citizens to pursue human rights for the deaf...one of which is the right to be able to communicate in your prefered language.

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