Monday, 21 November 2011

Are you PC?

That is- are you 'politically correct'? The 'Politically Correct Police' is very much active in the West. But not so in developing countries like NGR. *sigh*  I am not saying that it is expedient to be politically correct all the time.
Terms like 'hearing impaired' and 'hard of hearing' to mention a few have been bandied around for years but sometimes I think that it is best to say it as it is. Just say 'deaf' and most people with a certain amount of hearing loss won't kick up a fuss about it. But terms like 'deaf and dumb'? Hey no! 'Dumb' in today's language means 'stupid' and deaf people are farrrrrrr from that. 'Deaf and mute'? Don't try that either. 'Mute' means 'unable to speak at all'. It is incorrect to use that term as some deaf people are able to make sounds which may not be comprehensible to others. Some deaf may accept 'deaf and silent' especially if they signspeak.

Often I have come across these terms which have rendered the term 'deafness' more politically correct 'aurally inconvenienced', 'visually oriented'. but to come across a politically correct and VERY correct term for a hearing person ' temporarily aurally abled'. Did you read that? 'TEMPORARILY aurally abled'. *shrug* Anybody can become deafened at anytime anywhere. *shrug* Sadly, that is a fact.

I deliberately did not delve into political correctness changing the original sign language 'signcabulary'. Quite a complex issue there.

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