Saturday, 9 March 2013

International Women's Day

Once again, International Women's Day was celebrated (or noted, should I say?) in various ways across the world.
On Thursday, I attended a beautiful arts exhibition held at Institut Francais to support the Female Artists Association of Nigeria. It was titled "Plight of Women". Forty female artists showcased their artworks which were done in different media; ranging from acrylic on canvas, ink on paper, painting on paper, sculpture, ceramic, textile printing, etc. All of the participants came from assorted backgrounds and it was great to see them (and other female attendees) united for one purpose. My favorite female Nigerian artist, Ndidi Emefiele was there!

There were lots of issues that were tackled during the exhibition and these included widowhood, rape, assorted abuse, genital mutilation (yes, it still does happen!), forced early marriage, sexual exploitation; just to mention a few. The life cycle of a woman from the time she is born in a patriachal society and going through the cycles of abuse especially at the hands of men who are supposed to support her to the time that she dies (early in many cases) can be a sorry tale to bear listening to.

I'd like to implore you to put yourself in the shoes of a DEAF woman. Imagine what she has to go through the above-mentioned cycle and add neglect, isolation, inability to voice herself out and multiply the critical issues that were outlined. What did you come up with? Most likely, a sorrier and worse situation to imagine, I expect.

The world is forever going through its motions but a Deaf woman would struggle to keep up with it.

Can you help to empower a Deaf woman not to merely exist but to live with purpose?

Friday, 1 March 2013

Matt Daigle

A lot of Deaf people often laugh at themselves but this Deaf guy, Matt Daigle takes it to another level. He is so talented in sharing anecdotes about being deaf.

I just love his comic strips on facebook which are done by himself and his wife, Kay (who is hearing). His facebook page is: That Deaf Guy - Matt Daigle. The last comic strip which I checked out resonated with me was about choosing a seat on the exit row. And in his case, he got upgraded to first class. I must try his tip! The comic strips are funny but the readers' comments are also hilarious!

His comic strips don't stop at facebook as he has a website: He has also published a humor book called "That Deaf Guy: A Family Portrait".

Go on and have a laugh!!!

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