Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A great breed of Governor

Yesterday (15th Nov) was the 58th birthday of a special Governor who is hearing-impaired. The Governor of Nasarawa State: His Excellency, Tanko Al-Makura.

A governor, who against all odds, emerged to be the People's favorite to govern his state. I happen to have known this humble gentleman for several years.
To mark his birthday yesterday, he chose to spend the day with JSS3 students and taught them Social Studies. Incidentally he was a teacher in my home state in the 1970's. His desire was and still is to inspire people to greatness and he did exactly that yesterday. The topic of his 45minutes tuition was on value and discipline. Of which is severely lacking in NGR today. A student walked him to his car and told this governor that he had inspired him to greatness. I wish that more governors are like him.

It is clear that despite his own hearing challenges, he is well above his own peers. He is able to inspire many and I believe that he can.

Thank you, Mr. Governor for impacting the youth in your state positively the way you did. Wishing you wisdom and goodwill to make and leave a worthy legacy not just for Nasarawa State but for NGR.

Photo courtesy: nbslafia website

PS....Watch out for my mini-documentary...

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