Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Security* Security* Security* Security* Security*

Need I go on? How else can I make emphasis on security and its importance in the lives of deaf people.

I am writing from a country where security of lives (and properties) are increasingly ignored. THIS IS MY OPINION AND MY PERSPECTIVE.

In my 1st year at university, I was going to school to collect a textbook from a friend. All I can recall is that I wasn't having lectures on that week day (whether we were on break, I don't remember). On getting to the main school gates, a crowd of students were hanging out; to me, that was not out of ordinary. I met my (now deceased) cousin who warned me to go home immediately. I wasn't about to obey until I knew what was happening. I didn't get any satisfactory response. Unfortunately, I did not disappear as quickly as I should have for soon afterwards, a total melee broke out. Utter pandemonium. I had to run for my life. I will not go into details here about the riot (which I later learnt turned out to be), my brush with gun-totting mobile policemen and my first experience with tear gas.

Years later, after graduation, a religious crisis broke out and I was extremely fortunate that I was away in Port Harcourt in the South of NGR. Only God knows what would have happened if I had been in Jos at that time. My sadness is that I have absolutely no idea if my deaf friend whom I call Doda is alive.

Deaf people are especially vulnerable during times of upheaval. Running to the wrong side of town. Or even in the wrong direction can mean the run towards the end of your life. Failing to speak or ask for help is another way of getting your life wasted.  That is depressing to think or imagine but it is the sad reality.

Can the leader of this country please step up???!!!!!

And if anyone knows the whereabout of Doda- a deaf girl who should be between 28-30 now and who lived close to Dogon Dutse and Angwan Rukuba. Thanks in advance!

And may we have peace!

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