Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The dark

It's a no brainer at all that deaf people dislike- nay HATE the dark/darkness. Cannot hear sounds. Cannot see sounds(yes...). Cannot signtalk. Cannot lipread. Every light touch gets horribly amplified. 'Fight and flee' hormone goes into overdrive.
In a country like NGR where frequent-nay persistent power-cuts are the 'norm', deaf people get the terribly bad end of the bargain. And pity those who have an overactive imagination (like me). And pity those who are forced to develop strange habits as a painful way of adaptation. For example, I never forget to keep my bedroom door closed and in the night, double-locked. Unfortunately if someone needs my attention before my body and brain wakes up together, it is usually a lost cause. Years ago shortly after I graduated, I was the victim of an armed robbery attack which happened when I was fast asleep in the dark. Thinking about it now still gives me the creeps.
I have heard numerous stories of how deaf people get into problems in the dark-all because they couldn't hear or see. Much more worryingly when the person concerned cannot/doesn't use speech to communicate. I won't go into details now....
At the moment, there is a huge furore in NGR over the proposed 'fuel subsidy removal'. If it goes ahead, the lives of the deaf people in particular (who have never had the support of the government at any point in time) will worsen dramatically. I feel incensed just thinking about the insensitivity of the present government. I think when push goes to shove, we'll have to create a massive 'VOICE'. Don't ask me how and don't ask me when either. If it is important, we'll find a way; not make an excuse.

Here's to light...more of it. More power (intepret it anyhow you choose)!


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