Monday, 7 November 2011

Quite chuffed

....that one of the committee head of my diaspora group which is organising a youth jobfair to help mitigate the soaring rate of unemployment in this country is VERY willing to include unemployed deaf graduates in the event  provided that I bring along a sign language intepreter to facilitate communication. I could scarcely contain my excitement!!!! I have to say that I am proud of this lady because in addition to requesting for a SLI, she did not hesitate for one second and said "Yea, it should be all-inclusive". So yay!!!!!!!

An estimated 500 youth (graduates) are billed to participate so I am going to look for as many unemployed deaf graduates as possible. And hope a prospective employer in my group will favorably consider to employ at least one. (Or I am going to bully one to do so ***chuckling***)

The event is coming up sometime in January and I plan to volunteer (and keep an eye out for the deaf participants); that should be fun. I am fervently hoping that other members of my group will be more Deaf-aware and that would spread to others outside the group in the society. It must start somewhere!

Any suggestion/comment are highly welcome!


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