Friday, 2 December 2011

Switched at birth

First off, I'd like to appreciate my deaf friend L who improved my tv experience yesterday. She showed me how to get the subtitles activated on DSTV satellite. Unfortunately, it worked on about 5channels but STILL, it's better than nothing. And guess what I watched and enjoyed too?! 'Switched at birth'.

I picked the film because of the great interest I have in child psychology. Anyhow with the subtitles on, I was now getting on the roll! I practically sat straight up when the scene at which Daphne Vasquez was being introduced to her biological parents came on. With a huge smile on her face, she introduced herself with sign language and 'that' voice. Her mother (the woman who brought her up) interpreted for her. Her biological parents were shocked (and I was intrigued!).

I quickly texted my friend L to tune in but because she was not able to watch it, she asked me to record (thanks for the brainwave!).I was able to get snippets of it on my phone and I promise to upload them when the internet connection improves *sigh*

So the plot unfolds, the storyline was very believable and I could relate with Daphne in some ways. Daphne's biological parents were extremely wealthy; they naturally wanted her to leave the deaf school she was in and attend the school which Bay (the girl who switched with Daphne) goes to in order to get better opportunities in life. Daphne's mother had explained to the biological father about Daphne's being comfortable being deaf when he offered to pay for the cochlear implant so that she could be part of the hearing world. An interesting film and the Daphne character endears herself to me a lot with her great sense of humor! Oh and she got deaf from meningitis at 3years old.

Just read here that it is actually a tv series:

Interesting and I am not saving my breath to watch more (or all the) episodes of this series because of the power situation here.

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