Thursday, 8 December 2011

Art exhibition by deafblind artists

Many thanks to my friend S who is deafblind and has been gracious to share certain info about deafblindness in general. I'd like to encourage people to check out this exhibition (which starts on Monday 12th December) in London, UK.

Picture courtesy: SENSE
As the article above states about Lloyd McCullough who drew the above '....Lloyd McCullough’s fantasy images are testament to the richness of his imagination. His artwork takes its viewers into a beautiful and mystical world. Lloyd was born profoundly deaf with Usher syndrome. His love of art began as soon as he learnt how to hold a pencil and he has a BA (Hons) in Illustration.

Photo courtesy: SENSE 
The photo above was taken by Ian Treherne.
"... Ian Treherne also has Usher – he was born partially deaf and has limited vision. After discovering in his teens that his eyesight would gradually deteriorate, Ian picked up the camera and began to document those places that people walk past everyday without a second glance. Finding art in areas that most people take for granted, Ian’s work spans urban wastelands, city-scapes and scenes from nature."

See how we can take things for granted?

I really admire art by artists who are able to overcome challenges to present something(s) beautiful. I am issuing this as a challenge to NGRns to support deaf/blind/deafblind artists particularly in developing countries like NGR.

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