Sunday, 18 December 2011

More deaf MPs

Culled from: Deaf Sachsen websiteA quick research took me to the deafchurch website where I was informed about 3 more parliamentarians in Europe apart from Helene Jarmer.

They are: Dimitra Arapoglou from Greece, a Belgian Flemish- Helga Stevens and Dr Ádám KÓSA, a Hungarian.

Another website tells me that the European Union of the Deaf campaigned for them when they stood for the Euro elections. This shows that barriers can be overcome in the right circumstances ie great support especially communication-wise. I think that 2 of the parliamentarian use sign-language intepreters.

Culled from Deaf Sachsen website
From R to L: Dimitra Arapoglou, Helga Stevens,Dr Ádám KÓSA,Helene Jarmer.

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