Friday, 23 December 2011

2011 in my world...

Being in NGR after a really long time away, I had come to realise that it was much,much more than an appropriate risk. I took stock of the best and worst case scenario of my decision. Best case scenario, many people especially parents would see the 'light' of all the GOOD things that deaf people can do (and do even better)...with a change in attitudes (for the better) in the society and with a result of a much improved non-discriminatory government policies for Persons With Disabilities. Worst case scenario, the government turns a blind eye and refuse to change their position. But in both scenarios, I believe that I can inspire at least one person who is able to inspire others. Now that would indeed be worthwhile.
You see, investing in the lives of those who need some motivation to stick their head out in a cruel and selfish system in NGR is actually a risk. Think about it.

Seeing an awful audiogram not long ago indicating that my hearing has further worsened made me to ask myself difficult questions about almost everything. I would like to think that despite it all, I have actually become a better person. You see, I no longer let anyone define who I am. There is a quote which I really like and it says: 'I was once afraid of people saying "Who does she think she is?" Now I have the courage to stand and say "This is who I am"'.  I no longer seek approval to be who I should be. I no longer need to prove myself to anyone. I discovered that to be content, it is not where I fit in that matters. I have had enough of living my life in the way that others expect me to. The strength I have to face and fight my battles every single day can only come from my faith in God who sees the BIG picture. At the end of the day, I have no excuse not to use whatever I have been blessed with to make my little corner of the global village a better place than I met it.

In my own life's journey, I have been extremely fortunate to meet and have great people in my life. People who let me be me and I want to say a very,very BIG thank you! I have had to say goodbye to certain people whom I felt that maintaining bridges with them would be a waste of my precious time. It's never easy but as we all know that it is a choice that we have to make every now and then.

As 2011 draws to a close, I have taken inventory of the mistakes that I have made and to learn lessons from them. And also time to write a new chapter! Things in general does NOT seem to get better for the average man in NGR with impunity. His basic human rights get trampled. Just take a wee moment and imagine what it would be like for Persons with Disabilities. At the time of writing, the President of Nigeria still has not assented to the Disability Bill!! One year since the Bill was passed in the legislative arm of the government after 7years of being on the floor!! I have lived outside of NGR in the developed world for roughly half my life and it is a stark contrast to NGR. Things that people take for granted in a developed country are what some people fight extremely hard for (eventually with nothing to show for the sweat and tears). What is even more tragic is that many,many more are resigned to feeling that their lives are worthless just because the society views them that way.

Plans are in the works to REALLY do something/make a difference and I'll share with you in due time.

Please permit me to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog and to wish you all 'Happy holidays' and to have a great and fruitful year ahead!

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