Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Not so bad a day...

Actually today I am SO glad to have broken down some prejudices that some people had towards deaf people. A step forward in the right direction especially as these same people expressed willingness to support deaf people from today onwards. Yay!!! I am hoping for a ripple effect (of better public awareness)  to happen.

I told someone to read up on one of the fascinating people that I admire- Helen Keller. I learnt about Helen Keller when I was about 10years old or so when I read 'The Story Of My Life'. She was born in 1880 and passed away in 1968. She became deaf-blind at 19months old. She learnt by feeling and using signs. Her guardian, Anne Sullivan (previously blind but regained her sight through surgery) taught her through spelling signs and Braille. Miss. Sullivan even followed Helen to college to help her out by tapping out the teachers' words into her hands.

Fascinating facts about Helen Keller: she had an amazing memory. She could put her fingers to someone's lips and understand what the person is saying!!! Remember she being deaf AND blind! First deaf-blind to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Prolific writer. Built a house. Travelled the world. Met 'important' people. Campaigner for a lot of causes as well as being a radical socialist.

Miss. Sullivan stayed with Helen Keller for FIFTY (yes 50) years! Helen Keller had some invaluable support from other people as well. Please grab a copy of her book!

What can we all learn from her story? She lived more than 100 years ago and we are yet to see a wonderful case like hers in this country. She had an enabling environment with very supportive people. And she had determination!
Helen Keller at 7
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Eleanor Roosevelt (former 1st lady of the USA) and Helen Keller
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There we go!

And so for now peace!!

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