Saturday, 15 October 2011

Choosing to...

 ...have a baby who is deaf. I have heard of, read of and seen parents who choose their baby based on sex/gender pre-conception. Well, I have just read a mind-provoking article of a couple who chose to have a deaf child.

In this particular case, the same-sex couple scoured the sperm bank and found a donor who is completely deaf and comes from 5 generations of congenital deafness.  What baffles a lot of doctors is that the parents of the boy refused to let the boy wear a hearing-aid from birth citing reasons:they want him to be confined to sign language just like themselves. And that when he is a teenager, they would let him decide for himself if he wanted to wear a hearing-aid. We know that by that time, hearing-aids wouuld be useless for him anyway!

I personally know a number of people who were born with congenital deafness, marry and go on to have children who were born deaf. I cannot say for sure if they would deliberately go out of their way to have a deaf child. to them, a child is a blessing, however born. Many would say the above-mentioned couple have been unfair to their child.

Here is the link to the story and decide for yourself:

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