Friday, 28 October 2011

I admire

...a friend who has USHER syndrome (a medical condition that affects both hearing and sight and can include balance problems). Despite all these, she manages to live an independent life. She has previously used hearing-aids but now has a hearing guide dog. All this in a developed world where she is not treated as a beggar or a society outcast.
She is, in fact, a very talented writer.

Of another sufferer of USHER syndrome who won an award in the UK for being the best employee of the year. Please read her inspiring story:

It is heartwarming to see that she achieved her dreams of travelling solo, joining an expedition working at Camp America and achieving a degree in interior design.

I have absolutely no idea how many deaf-blind people there are in NGR. Most whom I have seen are either blind or deaf; not seen any deaf-blind in this country. Going from the situation on ground in this country where people with disabilities (PWD) are treated as the lowest of the low and not supported in the society and also where negative attitudes and misconceptions are very prevalent, I wonder how long it would take for PWD to be accorded recognition and respect for who they are. Not what they are.

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