Monday, 24 October 2011

Deaf muslim women

...of Northern Nigeria is a group that holds great interest to me. I was due to have a meeting with a female (muslim) sign language interpreter who lives far up north to discuss about proposed projects for this group. So far, we have not been able to coordinate logistics to make that possible.
However, a deaf friend who is currently doing his one year service in Kaduna (a cosmopolitan town situated about 2hours drive north of the federal capital city,Abuja) told me of his recent experiences with this group.
Yesterday, he held a talk on HIV/AIDS with a group of deaf muslim women. A diverse mix; majority of whom are not educated. Many are married. It was very interesting to note that he signed in ASL and there was a sign language interpreter WHO THEN TRANSLATED INTO HAUSA SIGN LANGUAGE! Amazing!! He told me that he discussed topically on gender based violence (GBV)and related issues, why women are vulnerable and prone to rape, certain diseases and the way out. Sharia law which is practised in the north forbids beating of women and children and allows victims to sue their husbands to court. Fortunately none of the participants have been victimised. Advice was given to the women, that in the advent, they experience such that they should go to the appropriate place to lodge their complaints.
Just one photo of the participants was taken and l'll upload that soon.

A big thumbs up to Umar for a job well done. And hopefully much more can be done for this particular group especially in the isolated rural areas.


Sorry the photo is dark....

Photo credit: Umar Tukur

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