Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ethiopian Deaf tour company

It is of no secret that I am (happily) afflicted with a travel bug. And imagine my pleasant surprise this afternoon when I stumbled across an article about a deaf tour company that has very recently started operations on the opposite side of the continent in Ethiopia. And nobody can tell me that there is nothing to see in Ethiopia!

The following information about the Ethiopian Deaf Tour was gotten from website.

"Addis Deaf Travel to be the first travel agent in Ethiopia providing the deaf community with the all requirement travel service in Ethiopia.
Addis Tour & Travel is a travel agent specialist for Deaf Travel Services in Ethiopia.

To raise awareness of the needs of hearing impaired travelers, remove physical and attitudinal barriers to free access and expand travel opportunities in the Ethiopia.

Addis Ethiopia Tours aims to bring the spirit of travel and tours to deaf travelers through specialty travel programs - this time ready in sign language. Travelers can choose among wide range of guided tours, customized tours, and other specialty travel services such as interpretation services. Dedicated attention from the first contact with the company until the end of the tour give deaf travelers the assurance that tour goes exactly the way they want it to. Addis Tour can guarantee deaf Travelers safety and satisfaction."

Whoever came up with this deserves a big shout-out!! And I look forward to making use of their services soon!

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