Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Albeit late for UK residents....

Apologies for not posting this earlier. BBC1 had earlier on shown " Rita Simons: My Daughter, Deafness and Me" at 10.40pm. I had posted about Rita Simmons, an Eastenders actress recently. If you have access to iplayer, you'll be able to catch up on this particular showing.

Here is the synopsis taken from the Mirror newspaper website (  )

How do you tell your lively, beautiful five-year-old daughter that she is going to lose all her hearing?

That’s the agonising question faced by EastEnders actress Rita Simons, who plays Roxy Mitchell, and her husband Theo.

Their twin daughters were born in 2006 and while Jaimee is perfectly healthy, her sister Maiya was born with a deformity in her inner ear that has caused her hearing to deteriorate over the years.

This film follows them as they confront the decisions faced by every parent in a similar situation.
Should Maiya attend a special school for the deaf or continue at mainstream school where she is mostly happy? Should she learn sign language

But it also includes the devastating moment when Rita and Theo learn for the first time that at some point in the future Maiya will definitely lose what limited hearing she presently has.
If there was one thing that neither of them wanted to discover, this was it.

Cochlear implants offer the hope of a life with sound, but when Rita seeks some advice from the deaf community she has an unexpected and upsetting confrontation with a woman who describes cochlear implants as a form of child abuse.

Rita is shaken and understandably outraged at the idea she would do anything to harm her child.

But we also follow Theo to a lab in Oxford where he experiences a simulation of what music will sound like to Maiya if she does indeed have these implants. As Theo fights back the tears it’s obvious that this is not at all what he was expecting.
The miracle fix-it that they were both hoping for simply doesn’t exist.

Courtesy: BBC

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