Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Interview with AIT (African Independent Television)

Antescript: I had previously submitted the below entry last Monday but had to retract it the next day because I ended up going for the interview which I'll discuss on Part2.

In view of the recent and extremely popular government policy called 'Fuel Subsidy Removal', I was asked if I could talk about the effects of FSR aka Fuel Subsidy Removal on PWD.

I had to decline for the major reason that the lives of PWD have been sub- 'everything good' whether there has been a FSR or not. It goes far,far beyond fuel subsidy. I know that I have disappointed some people by not turning up but I need to be true and thorough. Anyhow, I hope for another opportunity soon.

For those outside NGR and not up-to-date with what's going on on ground, let me be simple and straight to the point. On New Year's Day, the president gifted his people with an over 100% price hike in the fuel price. With absolutely no warning whatsoever and no prior palliative measures. With the new fuel price, everything -goods and services- double in price. And in a country where 90% live on less than $2 per day. We all know that PWD are the poorest of the poor.

We had some strikes in various parts of the country which meant that the country was/is at a standstill. Some of the people I spoke with told me that they afford to take a few days off; because they needed to work to stay alive. A depressing enough thought.
Earlier in the evening as I tried to catch up on the #OccupyNigeria updates both on facebook and independent tv media, I saw a mobility-challenged man frantically moving his crutches. I said a quick prayer that he and everybody who chose to participate in the movement would keep safe. The police force is known to be trigger-happy. But if any inadvertent event should happen to any PWD during the protest or strike action, I would not hesitate to push for the perpetrators to be arrested.

I end this blog post by recognising the young people who died today and in the first few days of the year whilst standing (and walking) for their rights. May their death not be in vain.

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