Friday, 6 January 2012

60 hearing-aid batteries....

...which I kept in the fridge for the past few months, were 'mistakenly' thrown away by a mindless , foggy-minded person. And yes, I am ranting here of which I now realise is my first post of the year-2012. I have made a mess of a few telephone and for some reason, face-to-face conversations.

Recently, I notice that some so-called educated people get cross that I don't pick up my telephone to call them. Hello!! I'd like to switch on the bulb in your brain- there is a legitimate and perfect reason why I do not eagerly do that. I just cannot hear you as well as you can hear me. I am probably going to extend this to 'normal' conversations and simply say 'I don't want to talk to you because I cannot hear you.'  I am tired of having to walk 9th /10 way of the conversation; working hard to ensure verbal and non-verbal communication flows well with 1/10 input from the other person.

I refuse to let it grow into a big issue.  I now choose to be elastic with the way I communicate with some people- REALLY ELASTIC!

Oh why did s/he throw away the whole box?! Best believe, I am peeved!

On another note, the whole protest going on in NGR- Occupy NGR is gathering momentum. Please think,pray for and remember us who are hoping for the government reversal on a very unpopular policy.

And here is to hoping that 2012 will be a better year than last year for all of us!

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