Thursday, 26 April 2012

Deaf discrimination

Yet again, I received another complaint about deaf people being discriminated against. I just cannot help but wonder if it is deliberate. I will recount and you can make up your mind on that.

Yesterday, I was told that in Adamawa State 105 Persons With Disabilities got employed by the state government (laudable effort in itself). But can you guess how many out of the 'fortunate' 105 were deaf? Guess? Guess again... Just TWO! Believe me, Adamawa State has a high proportion of deaf people and a number of them are educated. To make matters worse, none of the educated deaf was hired/appointed. Now don't get me would be nice for an uneducated deaf to work in their state Civil Service. What would they be working as a result of their illiteracy? I won't answer that questi
on but I am sure that you'll have a fairly good idea. My take on this is the 2deaf people who were hired should go back to school to improve their literacy so they stand a better cchance in life than being consigned to a miserable life down at the lowest rung of the Civil Service.
It is totally unfair that the Special Assistant to the Adamawa State Governor on Disability Matters not to have consulted first with each disability group. And extremely unfair of him to do the pickings himself and not pick the deaf graduates.

So you can see why I earlier asked if the deaf discrimination is deliberate.

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