Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy International Women's Day!

Life cannot continue without women; let's face the fact! So women everywhere, celebrate yourselves!

Like someone said this morning at an event titled "Changing the face of disability" for today's International Women's Day, she hoped to be live in a society where she would first be treated as a woman rather than a woman with disability (WWD). I had an interesting morning.

I personally enjoyed seeing a particular weaving project coordinated by Ella Smit. This woman was the one I mentioned in my blog last year, who taught weaving to some deaf students as a fun hobby. I had a great opportunity to see the beautiful rugs/mats that people (who learnt from her) made. They are usually made by women who live with their families on an abandoned construction site in a very upscale neighborrhood in Abuja.

One of the participants, Mama Biu told us how the weaving became an income generator for her and how she was able to send her children to school and pay hospital bills. The mats/rugs are made of left-over pieces of fabric collected from various tailors.

Well done to Ella Smit who has helped to bring meaning into some people's lives through the weaving project! Here is the flyer of her weaving project:

Every mat/rug has the weaver's label attached and what you pay go directly to the weaver.

And well done to Hilary Adams of British High Commission and Regina Manietti of CBM for organising this event.

PS I must regretfully announce the sad passing of Fatima,a Sign Language Intepreter (for Northern Zone)and who was working with me on a project. May she rest in peace.

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