Thursday, 16 February 2012

Choices: Deaf? Inbetweener???

In my last post, a particular comment from a reader whose perspective I shared 100% used the word "inbetweener". I guess that would mean someone who is half between the Deaf world and the hearing world. One part of the brain is here and the other part is over there- not necessarily far away. A connection between the two planes.

On Sunday, someone asked me "Are you trying to be hearing?" What a rude question! And I chose not to answer that. (Mind you, he is deaf and communicates via sign language.) I didn't choose to start wearing hearing-aids when I was a child but eventually I did choose to accept and continue to wear them even though as a child, I had played around with the idea of throwing my hearing-aids away, stamping on them or soaking them in water.

But ultimately it was my choice to wear them. Obviously it led to my questioning myself where I really did belong. I have a pretty good idea and that is- not to be placed in a box. If you want to call me an 'Inbetweener', I'd just shrug. If you want to describe me as deaf, again I'd shrug. I really cannot be bothered but I only wish that deaf and hearing people alike should just accept me for who I am. I am not defined by a particular label; deal with it!I am not about to press pause on my life just so that someone takes the time to decide on what I should be called permanently. I might want to help to complicate other people's perspectives a little by being 'inconsistent'.... I know that I am being sarcastic *shrug*

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