Thursday, 22 December 2011


An episode at a government office during the week left me pondering on how much longer I would need to educate people....unwilling people that is; on hearing-aids.

Needing to get some information, I walked up to a clerk who was somewhat 'engrossed' at his work. I asked a question and he barely mumbles back in reply. I asked him to repeat himself. He then mumbles again! I was getting a bit impatient with his lack of professionalism when fortunately, another client intervened and told the guy that I was wearing hearing-aids; to which the clerk retorted that he thought I was wearing phone earphones. Really????!!! A lady comes to your desk and asks a question, looks intently at you whilst waiting for you to answer her enquiry. You don't even bother to look up, barely mumble and the excuse is that you thought she was wearing earphones even when she asked you to repeat yourself. **shaking my head** It took an observant person to save the day.

And that's not the first,second,third,etc time that this has happened to me. The hairstyles that I have been wearing rather often is the woven up-dos which exposes my ears. It is worse when my hair covers my ears. I have seriously contemplated wearing brightly colored hearing aids. But they won't help my cause. People would get the impression that I am an uppity girl craving for attention to her new 'earpiece'. **sigh**

 It is worse when I come across unfamiliar and low accents and when I seek clarification, I get accused of being snobby. **sigh sigh**

Deaf Awareness 101- speak clearly and that should be Communicating with everybody 101!

Earphone/piece indeed!!

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