Friday, 30 September 2011

The long weekend is here....again!!!

Another 'holiday' in this country kicks off today until Monday. I have lost count of the number of short breaks/long weekends that most people have had since I have been around for a few months. Do work actually get done here? I am sure that some more 'short breaks' are due before we say goodbye to 2011.

I am trying to figure out the African version of short weekend breaks. Loads of beautiful places to go on the African continent for 3-4days.My radar is on Angola and gorgeous beaches
(photo from
                                                      Mozambique and great seafood
(photo from
                                         Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar
photo from
photo from

                                                      Namibia and quad-biking in Kalahari Desert,etc
(photo culled from
You get my drift...plenty of beautiful places and great things to do! And of course, honor invitations from my wonderful friends in Mauritius, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Malawi,etc... I love and love and love travelling... But sometimes flying isn't part of that 'love affair'. I remember flying from Brussels to Nuremberg in a lightweight jet. I sat next to an 8 year-old American army brat who asked me if it was my first time flying. All because he noticed that I was silently reciting a psalm before take-off. *amused chuckle*

So that brings me to the point of road trips! I have done several road trips but the real ones that I'd love to do: in the USA-the Atlantic Coast Road trip (or the Appalachian trail or Route 66); in Africa- across Southern Africa from Botswana through Namibia to South Africa to Mozambique; across West Africa- from Nigeria to Benin Rep. to Togo to Ghana to Burkina Faso to Mali to Senegal and end with a chilling out session at Serrakunda in the Gambia. Problem is  1) short weekend breaks cannot accomodate such road trips ; 2) I still haven't made up my mind on which US road trips to do 3) I have not yet gotten a suitable travel buddy / mate /companion for these road trips (Vacancy is still open; applications are welcome- with an 'honest' photograph and an affidavit stating that you are not a wussy/fussy/angry person/murderer).

Closer home, I am yet to visit Kainji Lake and its game reserve; Obudu Cattle Ranch and a very lovely place (sorry, I can't reveal it just yet....). I was telling a friend just yesterday that I was amused at the way that a lot of people fly out to Europe, US and Dubai just to shop during their holidays. I don't quite relish shopping as a hobby; I find it stressful and therefore I keep that sort of activity to the barest minimum during my holidays (thank God for online shopping!!). Camping is fun; bush trips are fun. Not all the time though. There are still  some safe places to do that in this country. If anyone has some suggestions on where to visit especially in the South West, kindly drop a comment.

Thanks!! And have a good weekend. Celebrate the great Nigerians that made the country great and the great Nigerians who are alive today to build a nation for the greater ones to come tomorrow.... Peace!

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